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New High School Running Club Helps Aspiring Runners

One of the challenges that high school runners face is limited opportunities for structured year-long training routines. A new club organized by Coach Tim Bradley is helping to fill that void.

Due to high school athletics rules, runners are limited in the amount school-organized training they can do during the off-season. This forces many athletes to train on their own.

“There is a need for aspiring high school athletes to come together and work with (coaches) to learn what it’s going to be like to train and compete at the next level,” explains Bradley.

“A lot of kids lose a lot of sharpness and lose a lot of fitness during the winter months.”

Bradley is the owner of Coach Tim Bradley LLC and the distance running coach at Saint Louis University.

This past summer was the first year that the club held organized practices. The 20 – 25 club members look part in structured training sessions and participated in a three races including the Go! St. Louis All-American 5K and The Macklind Avenue Mile.

The club’s training regime will start again after the state high school cross country meet this fall.

“We’re looking forward to a good fall and winter of training and hopefully guys will be ready to throw down some fast times in spring track,” said Bradley.

The club plans on participating in the nine races this winter including the Foot Locker Midwest Regional, St. Louis Track Club Frostbite Series and Mizzou indoor track series, to prepare athletes for the year-long schedule like they would experience at the collegiate level.

“…anything to stay active and involved in the sport year-round,” said Bradley.

High school athletes interested in the club can get more information by contacting coach Bradley at 314-882-1778 or

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