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Meeting the Challenge

Dave Orlowski isn’t one to back down from a challenge. In 1978 he competed in what became the very first Ironman triathlon to determine who was the best athlete [...]

Powered by Hope

As she sat in the doctor’s office, waiting to go through another chemotherapy treatment, triathlete Teri Griege of St. Louis, received the phone call that would lift her [...]

Where The Road Meets The River

The Missouri, Illinois and Mississippi Rivers converge just north of St. Louis, creating one of the most scenic landscapes in the Midwest. The wide flowing rivers, majestic [...]

Four-Time Ironman Champ Visits STL

Chrissie Wellington, 4-time World Ironman Champion, visited St. Louis in May during her 12-city tour of North America. The 35-year old native of the United Kingdom burst onto [...]